As uncomfortable as it is discussing your business’s triumphs and failures, you can feel confident sharing with us. With 35+ years of experience working with small businesses combined with financial analysis, provides an outside perspective to help you see things differently.

Whether you are a new client, or we are working with you year-round, we can help you with your business strategies, and identify areas for growth or improvement.  We’ll always be straightforward with you on areas that we see are impacting your business negatively.

At the beginning of our relationship, we will meet with you and see how your business is running and ensure you have systems in place to support your success.

We are always here to support you with advice and financial analysis at whatever stage of growth you are in. At every step of the way, we are always looking at what can be done to improve your business and our relationship.

As part of your year-end, we sit down to review your financial statement and help you plan for the future. Whether you plan on growing your business, selling, retiring or preparing for succession, we are here for you from start to finish.


We can introduce you to Sage 50 accounting software that will fit your needs and we will be available to support you with any questions while you use it. 

We have experience and knowledge of Sage 50 or Quickbooks if you have questions or concerns. We are always up-to-date with government laws, rules and regulations and use software that is also current with this information. 




Do you provide consultation services for startups?

We do! We walk you through the steps of startup and give you a financial accounting plan that best suits your needs. From registering a business through to payroll advice and HST remittance, we will help you every step of the way.

Are you able to provide reports throughout the year to monitor the growth of my business?

Yes! We will give you real-time data to help you analyze and grow your business. You will receive monthly profit and loss statements and balance sheets. We will be available to answer any questions you may have, all year long.

We can give a bonus to our employees this year, is there a way to offset that expense?

Great news for your staff! You may want to have an RSP to offset that bonus, we can discuss your options. We can answer any tax-related questions you may have and will offer financially efficient solutions.

I’m looking at retiring in a few years, can you help with succession planning?

Absolutely, we can help you create a succession plan that will ensure a stable future for your business. 

If I choose to use accounting software vs. having York Simcoe Accounting enter my information, will you provide assistance?

Yes, sometimes clients prefer to enter some or all of their monthly information. If you choose to use Sage50 or Quickbooks, we will show you how to post items, how to make corrections, and overall, use the program more efficiently. 

Contact us, we can answer your questions and go from there.


Will York Simcoe Accounting review and make adjustments within my Sage50 or Quickbooks software?

Yes, we are your second set of eyes. We can review entries for accuracy, repost and fix information that has been entered incorrectly. We will also highlight any issues to prevent them from happening again.

I’ve never used Sage50 or Quickbooks, do you offer training?

We suggest all individuals interested in learning either program take their accredited training programs as a starting point. We can then offer support and assistance once basic knowledge is obtained.

York Simcoe Accounting has always taken care of my personal and business accounts for years. They always deliver their services in a timely manner, no matter the situation or the time of year. I can count on them for great results, give solid advice and meet deadlines. I would highly recommend Dave and his team to anyone looking to deal with a true professional accounting firm.

Dr. Stacey L Hudson, BSc, DC, CAFCI,  Huronia Chiropractic and Wellness Centre
Dr. Stacey L Hudson, BSc, DC, CAFCI,


Let’s talk and create a strategy for your business to achieve efficiency and growth.