But no one loves when payroll isn’t submitted on time. Ensure your employees remain a priority, get paid on time and accurately. Outsource your payroll to us and we will take care of the details. 

Payroll can be very complex and is always a time-consuming task. We understand the laws and can verify payroll tax compliance and handle monthly/quarterly/year-end filings and remittances to Canada Revenue Agency, including WSIB, T4s, T4As, T5018s, and T5s.

Whether you’re hiring new employees, dealing with a departure or a termination, we can handle the requirements for you. Our team will manage new employee setups, Record of Employment (ROE) issuance, vacation payouts, and all final employee payments. 

Offload your payroll to us and get back the time to focus on growing your business.



Will you prepare year-end T4 and T4 summaries for our employees?

Yes, we will do that for you. We can manage all filings and remittances for compliance in all areas.

Will you prepare ROE forms for terminated employees?

Yes, if you require a Record of Employment for an employee, we will do that for you, we will take care of everything.

Do you set up direct deposit for employee pay?

We do, we will set up all systems for tracking and processing payroll.

Do you track vacation pay?

We do, we track everything and know how much vacation pay is owed to each individual.

For the past 20 years we have brought both our personal taxes and business accounting to York Simcoe Accounting. We found David and the staff to be very friendly while being professional always. Having a good accountant means we can focus on operating our business more effectively. David Parkes, Sarah, Matt and Deb are great and we look forward to many more years.

Chris & Claudia,  O'l West Wing
Chris &  Claudia,


Let us cover all the bases and make sure your employees are paid accurately and on time.