Keith Bartley,
KB Electrical
I have been using York Simcoe Accounting since my mother first brought me to Bill's house on Valley Drive in Barrie, I was 13 years old with my first job! He was a pleasure to deal with and I remember Dave, in those days, assisting in the background. 34 years later I am still using Dave’s services. Not only for my personal service but for my business of 15 years as well. Dave’s knowledge and courtesy have gone a long way with me, with personal advice and business advice. He has always been there to assist with any questions I have. Not only does he take care of my finances, but now I am also happy to say that he is also carrying on with my kids as well. It's been great watching Dave grow his business and I can see why he has been able to continue his success and professionalism as his staff is always a great representative of him and his company. I have also referenced many people to York Simcoe Accounting over the years and they still use his services. Thanks, Dave and all your staff, it's been a great road and I look forward to all our future endeavours.